Payroll Services

Your company has identified individuals that you need to have work on a specific project or during a high volume season. However, you don't want to hire them as W-2 employees because of HR policies, administrative overhead, or any number of concerns about employment risk. So to get these individuals into your organization you turn to your contract staffing vendors and hand the employee over. The question is "ARE YOU GETTING THE BEST DEAL?"

This type of situation happens constantly. Your company's internal staff does all the work to identify a person for a special project. But when you hand it over to your staffing vendor they mark it up with their regular percentage. They get their standard profit without incurring any recruiting cost. There is a better way. Infotree offers a special payrolling program. The perspective employee become our W2 responsibility for a fraction of the cost you would pay with a contract staffing vendor. By streamlining our payroll process we can deliver superior customer service to the employee while saving the client up to 50% of what they may be paying to one of their contract staffing vendors.

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