Managed Staffing

Managing contingent labor including temporary contractors, consultants and project based work has become more complex for organization. The need for a cost efficient, customized solution that addresses the entire Contingent Labor program has become more prominent in today's competitive business environment.

Infotree provides vendor-neutral management solutions to organizations that utilize contingent labor and the suppliers that provides these workers.

Infotree's Managed Staffing model is uniquely positioned to address the needs of Mid Size companies. Mid size companies have been left behind in the managed staffing rush. Many of the world's largest companies have moved to Managed Staffing Solutions to manage their contingent staff. They understood that managing contingent labor such as contractors, consultants, temporary staff and project based staff is difficult, time consuming and expensive. A number of companies have moved into this market to provide managed staffing programs to this large company. However, the business models of these providers is only workable at extremely large clients. Mid size organization have found that there is no solid solution for them.

Infotree now offers a Managed Staffing Solution specific to Mid-size organizations. Using its proprietary software and business practices, Infotree provides a central point of accountability for improved talent sourcing, selection and retention efforts across multiple skills, locations and/or vendors.

Focusing on best practices and process improvements, Infotree takes a collaborative approach that ensures each customer receives the solution that is right for their operating environment.

Our managed staffing solutions can average between 20 to 45% cost reductions. Savings come from:

  • Improved time to fill due to standardized methodology and communication specific to a customer's requirements.
  • Improved quality resulting from our patented selection process for identifying best-match candidates, and through high-performing Infotree's account management teams who monitor and measure quality daily.
  • Improved controls that drive cost savings and operational efficiencies, including step-by-step performance tracking and continuous improvements.

Let us show you how we can deliver an easy to use staffing solution across your entire Organization that will deliver cost savings, process standardization, reporting abilities and the best talent in the market.

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