Application Development

Infotree offers a wide range of services in the area of application development. Infotree identifies the need, and then designs and builds the solutions from scratch to suit the specific requirement of the customer. Full life cycle support is provided as shown below -

  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis of the requirements
  • Technology and architecture determination
  • Design
  • Project Planning
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post deployment support and maintenance

Infotree also offers application development services where -

  • The customer's existing application functionality is not meeting the current business requirement or
  • The existing application is not maintainable and there is no vendor support available or
  • Emerging technologies offer better value proposition, if the application is re-implemented in the new technology
  • The customer are starting a new line of business and they want to offer a unique service to their customers and want to be an early entry to the market

Infotree will bring innovative ideas and offer solution to improve a client's existing functionality, address the current pain areas, and technology limitations. The solution offered will be scalable to meet future business growth and make it accessible to external stakeholders. Infotree provides 24/7 support to various services.